The 5 Reasons Why I Love Lemongrass Spa and You Will Too!

The 5 Reasons Why I Love Lemongrass Spa and You Will Too!

Hello everyone!  Today’s post is a spotlight on an “herbal goodie” I’d like to share with you!  I have decided to post about this new venture of mine in spite of possibly sounding, “sales-y”.  It’s not my intent, but I just wanted to share with you why I’m SO EXCITED about this line of makeup and skincare!!  I have been using these products for several years, and they never cease to impress me!!  I want to list my top 5 “Whys” for joining this company as a consultant!

  1.  I run an herbal consultation business and I needed a line of skincare and makeup for my clients that is free of gluten, parabens, synthetic fillers, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors.  Lemongrass fits the bill on all of these!!  This company enables me to serve my friends, family, and community that I care so much about!  It enables me to give you an avenue to “ditch and switch”  to clean, nourishing products AFFORDABLY!!
  2. I use these products on myself, and my family because they are safe and beneficial, and I was excited about the discount!! 🙂
  3. It fuels my creative, and my entrepreneur side.
  4. The company is “local”-started in Pine, Colorado.  The CEO maintains high standards and ethics for her business.  She sources the best ingredients and doesn’t compromise; products are hand-crafted; and it is a debt free company and always has been.
  5. This is another avenue for meeting others, and building community-just like this blog site!  This provides us with opportunities to love on, and care for others.  I care enough about your health to introduce you to CLEAN skincare and hygiene products!!  Your skin is your biggest organ!  It matters ALOT what you put on it!

I want to share this opportunity with you too!  Try some of these products and consider joining me in my mission to gather my tribe together, to create nourishing relationships with one another, to support and love each other, to treat out bodies well-both in what we put on them, and what we put in them!!  Please be sure to message me on FB at Holistic Home Girl, or contact me via the comments below if you are interested!  You can begin checking off your Christmas gift list right now from the comfort of your own living room by clicking on the graphic directly below!!  In checkout, be sure to click the option to have your items shipped directly to you!

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