Vogl Homestead

Vogl Homestead
Garden Produce
Garden Produce

I have a new farmer’s spotlight post to share with you!  This one comes from Vogl Homestead in Black Forest.

Meet the Vogl Family-Will, Karissa, Thor, and Titan.  This is another family who is serving their community through farming.  Will is a firefighter and a farmer, and Karissa is a professional photographer, and mom extrodinare.  Both also wrangle chickens and grow produce on their homestead!

Will Vogl

Will grew up on a farm, raising cows.  He and Karissa were walking through Big R one day and Karissa commented on how cute the chicks were, and the rest is now history!  They started their homestead with a couple little chicks and kept building from there.  They noticed how great the eggs from their pastured chickens tasted, and decided to purchase more chickens.  They now are the proud owners of MANY chickens, and a goose named Waffles who is their guard goose.  Will says he became interested in farming because he wanted to provide clean food to his family and his community.

He is implementing the strategies of regenerative farming.  He is also a trash negative farm-which means they produce less trash than they take in. They “rescue” items from going to the landfill and put them to work on their farm.  Some of these materials include tree waste, coffee grounds, compostables, food scraps, lawn clippings, and manure.  One of the ways they do this is by creating what is called a Hugel Mound.  Hugel mound translates into “hill culture” or hill garden.

Huegel Mound
Huegel Mound

You can see that their land is gently rolling land, which they leverage for maximum water conservation.  These Hugel mounds are made up of layers of wood, and nitrogen rich material such as coffee grounds, and Alpaca manure, topped off with logs stacked in a strategic way.  This mound serves several purposes. It helps the garden soil not to slide downhill, provides a snow fence, and aids with water sustainability.  Vogl Homestead also uses compost, and mulch to conserve water.  There are parts of their garden that have only been watered two times through the summer, and the plants still look lush and healthy!

They have also built chicken shelters that they can move on a regular basis so that their chickens receive a “fresh salad bar” every day.  They have unlimited access to fresh air, sunshine, grass, and bugs, which translates into healthier eggs for your family!  This farm provides fresh eggs, meat chickens, and produce to the community.  It is available for purchase through direct to consumer as it is available.  This is a growing homestead that will have more and more available soon!

Lots of fresh eggs!
Lots of fresh eggs

Bee Hive


The Vogls Welcome volunteers!  The best way to contact them to set up a time to volunteer is by contacting them via Facebook message at Vogl Homestead.

Radishes from Vogl Homestead



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