Galuchies-A cabbage roll recipe made with local produce!

Galuchies-A cabbage roll recipe made with local produce!

I have a treat for you all today!  This recipe is one from my great grandmother in law and I thought it would be perfect to share with you since there were cabbage rolls for sale at farmer’s market today.  I overheard several people asking what to do with these, and I thought about what a shame it was that everyone in the world has not partaken of this recipe!  So I’m sharing it with you today, so that you can share it with your family and friends.  The ingredients are simple, making this a simple but hearty dish to prepare!  We had this tonight and my little guys were sucking up the broth with a straw, and telling me how good this is!  Grandpa Leo would have been so proud!

I have fond memories of this recipe.  We had recently been out to some of the pick and pay farms near where we live.  We go every year and pick many 5 gallon buckets full of produce.  On that particular day, my husband’s grandparents and mom came over to teach me how to can homemade salsa, and pasta sauce.  They came to teach me-and also to help me get my tomatoes processed because I was very pregnant and very nauseous with our first baby.  They told me that my husband’s grandpa would bring the stuff to make Galuchies for our dinner.  I remember being grateful that someone else was going to be doing the cooking because when you are nauseous you don’t feel like cooking much!  I also remember feeling worried that I may not be able to handle all the smells of cooking food.  I hadn’t been able to handle any food smells for weeks.

However, much to my surprise and delight, the whole day was wonderful, and when my husband’s grandpa put this dish in to cook it was the most wonderful smell I’d smelled in weeks!  I was so hungry and I remember feeling so joyful as I freely and ravenously ate these!  I still love this dish to this day!

Three notes on this recipe:  If you are trying to stay low carb-sub out the rice for riced cauliflower.  Secondly, buy enough cabbage this season to make homemade sauerkraut (see my post on long fermented sauerkraut).  I promise you this dish will be much better for you with homemade long fermented sauerkraut.  All the good bugs that are healthy for your gut flora do not like the hight temperatures of cooking that this recipe calls for, however, I spoke with a microbiologist regarding fermenting and heat.  He said even dead lacto-bacilli are better for you than none at all.  As a rule, I try to serve most of the ferments we eat unheated.  This is the one exception I make, and it is a delicious exception!  The sauerkraut you buy in a can at the store is dead.  It has not been long fermented, and has no good gut bugs in it.  It has also been heated at a high temperature during the canning process.  So not only is the nutrition better for you in long fermented sauerkraut, but so is the taste.  The third thing I wanted to mention is that I use homemade chicken broth in place of the water in this recipe.  I feel like it gives it just another little boost of hearty, filling nourishment!  If you do not know how to make your own broth, keep watching my site because I have an easy broth made from lemon, pepper, rosemary roasted chicken that is our favorite, and I’m planning to share here!

I have family that raises grass fed beef for us, however they are not local.  There are many options in our community for both pork and beef including Heritage Bell Farm, Corner Post Meats, or Ranch Foods Direct.


July 12, 2018
: Varies
: 20 min
: 2 hr
: Moderate

Tasty, non-fussy traditional German dish that is a hearty late summer, fall or winter treat.


  • Large cabbage leaves-carefully removed so that they remain intact. Peel off as many as you think you will need to serve your family. 1 large cabbage leaf will make about 2 gulchies.
  • 1 pound hamburger
  • 1 pound pork sausage
  • 1/4 cup rice OR riced cauliflower if you are trying to stay low carb.
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Step 1 Preheat oven to 350 F.
  • Step 2 Carefully remove cabbage leaves, wash and wilt a bit in the microwave.
  • Step 3 Have a roaster ready for baking the galuchies.
  • Step 4 Put enough sauerkraut to cover the bottom of the roaster in a medium layer.
  • Step 5 Shape the meat/rice mixture into balls, and wrap the cabbage around it. Put these on the bed of sauerkraut in the roaster.
  • Step 6 Cover with more sauerkraut, and make sure there is enough water in the bottom of the roaster so that your galuchies do not dry out while you are baking them.
  • Step 7 Cover with the roaster lid and bake 1.5-2 hours.
  • Step 8 You can eat these as they are or you can serve them on mashed potatoes.


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