Owie Salve from Herbal Infused Oil

Owie Salve from Herbal Infused Oil

Remember that infused oil I wrote about awhile back?  The calendula, St. John’s Wort, and Dandelion oil?

Calendula flower
This is a calendula flower

Well, mine has turned the perfect golden sunny shade of yellow after a few weeks of steeping so I decided it was time to make a salve out of it!  It turned out so pretty!  It’s a very soft cream, and I wanted it that way so that it’s easy to rub onto “owies”.  A more stiff cream would be tough to rub onto a tender bug bite or scrape!  For the process of making it into a salve/cream, you will want to have a designated “salve making jar”.  Bees wax is really tough to get out of a sauce pan, or any other container you melt it in.

Salve making setup
This is my salve making setup. A small sauce pan with water in it, and my clean designated “salve making jar”

The next thing you want to do is decant your infused oil.  Strain out all of the spent herbs through a metal strainer into a clean glass container.  Let it drip and press out all of the oil you can with a spatula.

Decanting infused oil
Straining out the spent herbs from the infused oil

Next measure out 4tsp Shea butter, and 2 tsp beeswax pastilles into the salve making jar that is setting in the sauce pan of water.

Beeswax pastilles
This is what beeswax pastilles look like. I order these online. Be sure your source is 100% natural with no ingredients added. I like the pastilles because they are easier to measure and they melt quickly.

Turn the stove to med. high heat.  Stir the shea and beeswax until JUST melted.  It should only be warm-not hot.  You don’t want to kill all the properties of the infused oil once it’s added.  Turn the heat off once the beeswax and shea are melted.

Shea butter and beeswax
Beeswax and Shea butter melting in the salve jar

Remove the salve making jar from the heat and stir in 10 TBSP of your infused oil.  Then quickly pour this mixture into the clean salve containers you are using.

Owie salve
Sunny yellow owie salve! I put a few lavender buds in it because I like things to look pretty!

Let the containers sit undisturbed for about 1 hour while the mixture cools to room temperature, and sets up.

Store your new owie cream in the fridge for cool comfort to scrapes, sore muscles, sunburns, or bug bites.

If you have any remaining oil, store it in an amber colored container to protect it from the light.  Store this in the fridge.

Extra owie oil goes into the fridge in an amber colored container for later use!

That’s it!  It really is a simple process and you have a totally natural herbal remedies to soothe all those summertime boo boos!





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