Homemade Vanilla!

Homemade Vanilla!

Here is an an herbal goodie that is great to start right now because it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to steep!  There is really no reason to buy vanilla from the grocery store when it is so easy to make!  It takes just a few minutes!  This is technically not an herb, but the process is almost the same as making an herbal tincture!

You will need:

A very clean glass canning jar

A few vanilla beans (2-3)

A bottle of vodka or burbon

Start by pouring the vodka or bourbon into the clean glass jar.  Next slice the vanilla beans lengthwise, and using the tip of a pairing knife scrape out the seeds into the jar of bourbon or vodka.  Toss the whole bean in as well once it’s scraped out.  Place the lid on the jar, and give it a good shake.  Keep this at room temperature on your kitchen counter (unless you have little ones who will get into it.  In that case keep it up high) and give it a good shake every so often.

I generally let mine steep for a few months.  This last batch I have let steep since Jan. 27.

When it is done, decant by pouring the mixture through a metal strainer into a dark amber apothecary jar (or store it in a clean canning jar in a dark place).  You can either re-use the partially spent vanilla beans along with a few new ones in your next batch or toss the partially spent ones out.

This tastes so great in homemade cappuccino, or baking.  It also makes a great handmade Christmas gift!

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