Fermenting Equipment Resource List

Fermenting Equipment Resource List

Here is a list of some of my favorite fermenting equipment and where you can purchase it from!

Food Grade Utility Crocks and weights—I purchased mine at ACE Hardware.  A few of my local ACE hardware stores did not carry the crocks, however told me that they were Ohio Stoneware dealers, and could order the crocks and weights in for me.  If you pick up from the store, your shipping is free.  I’ve been told that you can also purchase food grade utility crocks from the Amish community here.

Mason or Kerr brand canning jars—I normally purchase mine from my local Costco or ACE Hardware.  They are also available at Wal-Mart, and I’ve seen them at Target as well.

Fido Jars-I have bought some from ACE Hardware (Kilner brand), as well as Ross, and Wal-Mart.  Just be sure it comes with a rubber gasket.

Grolsch Bottles—I purchased mine from culturesforhealth.com for 4.99 each.  The clear ones were at my local Sprouts Farmer’s market.  I’ve heard you can also occasionally buy these at Aldi’s.  They are full of some sort of sugary, carbonated beverage, but worth buying, and using the bottle!

Kraut Hammer—Any fermenting website

AIr Locks—I purchased my setup from homesteadersupply.com, but there are many different options on this.  I recommend you try a few and decide which you like the most!

Salt—I try to buy salt in bulk.  Whole foods, sprouts, etc carry salt in bulk.  Just remember, no additatives/chemicals!

pH strips—I like the brand Hydrion.  Be sure to purchase the “short range” paper.


-Facebook Group:  Wild Fermentation

-Like my FB page:  Holistic Home Girl

-Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

-The Nourished Kitchen (farm to table recipes for the traditional foods lifestyle) by:  Jennifer McGrunther


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