How to Make Your own SCOBY for your Kombucha Brew

How to Make Your own SCOBY for your Kombucha Brew

In order to make kombucha tea you will need to obtain a SCOBY or “Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast”.  This is often referred to as the “mother”, “mushroom” or “culture”.  I prefer making my own SCOBY because it is so easy!


You will need 2 bottles of store bought raw, unfiltered, plain kombucha-room temperature.  I recommend you buy a GODD QUALITY kombucha for this.  Your Kombucha will only be as good as the SCOBY you are working with!

Make a batch of tea as directed above.

Once the tea is cool, pour half of each bottle into the tea.  Cover with a tea towel, and rubber band.  Place in an area where it will be undisturbed for 5 weeks.  When you uncover it, you should have a nice big SCOBY!!

The reason you pour half of each bottle of kombucha into this starter tea, is because most of the goodies/cultures float to the top and you will get the most in the first half pour.  You can drink the other half of each bottle!

Here’s how your SCOBY will look floating on your tea!

If you teach friends/family the process of making fermented tea, you can actually peel a baby off your culture to give to them, along with a 1/2 cup of your brew when it’s fermented 7 days to use as starter tea!  The babies grow on the top of your culture, the bottom of your culture is considered the ‘Mother”.

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