Calendula Owie Oil

Calendula Owie Oil


One of my favorite summertime herbs is Calendula!  This is a super herb to grow in your garden.  They have pretty peachy yellow blossoms that I pluck, dry, and store in a glass jar until needed.  These little petals pack a power punch of astringent properties that help cleanse, soothe, and heal.  I make infused oil with these for a variety of reasons.  When I still had babies in diapers I used it on their little bums for a diaper area soother.  I’ve used it on itchy excema skin, as a moisturizer…and my most recent and favorite use is in my owie oil!  I use this in combination with dandelion petals, and St. John’s Wort.  Making an infused oil is so easy but does require a bit of pre-planning.  I started mine at the very beginning of summer since I have rowdy boys!

Here’s what you will need:

  • a liquid carrier oil, such as avocado, Olive, Argan, or Jojoba
  • Herbs:  Calendula, Dandelion, and St. John’s Wort
  • A very clean glass jar

Here’s what I did:

Step 1:  Grab a very clean pint glass jar.

Step 2:  Have your kids help you gather calendula and dandelion buds. Be sure they are UNSPRAYED!!  You want pesticide free creams to put on skin!!  If you do not have any of theses things growing in your yard, consider planting them for next year (save this recipe! :)) OR, go to your local health food store and purchase them in the bulk herbs section-or order online.  There are many good resources to order bulk herbs online.  Just look for organic!  I suggest buying the St. John’s Wort either online or your local health food store.

Step 3:  Once you have obtained the herbs place them in the clean glass jar, cover them with the carrier oil, and place the lid on tightly.

Step 4:  Place the jar in a sunny area, and allow to steep for at least 3 weeks-longer if possible.

Once this mixture has steeped for a few weeks, decant-or pour the oil through a mesh sieve into another clean jar, discarding the spent herbs.  I normally trash the spent herbs rather than composting them because they are very oily at this point, and I don’t want that oil in my compost.  Place the lid on your infused oil and place in the refrigerator.  If you would like to make a salve out of it, it is very easy!  I will post on that in the next article!



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